Deidrey Francois

Love and its Languages

Here to Bloom Live - EP 5

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Love is a VERB! or just Misunderstood! This week, I delved into a very small part of this Huge topic. From Defining Love to applying Love Languages into our practice of Self Love. After all, the World isn’t responsible for keeping our love Cups filled. Learn to fill your own cup to Overflowing. You are worth receiving the same love you give to others!! All songs and Poems written by Deidrey Francois. (The Secret – Lyrics by Diane Naiker & If you’re Serious – Lyrics by Gerry Cormons
Here to Bloom is a show of Music Poetry and More Music, Inspiring and energizing REAL talks about LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, KIDS, MONEY, AND LIFE IN GENERAL. A Positive Message Every Sunday for Seekers and Learners Like me.
I look forward to seeing you next week Sunday. Please share… leave a loving comment. Stay healthy, happy and safe. You are never alone and you are definitely loved.