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Yesterday I awoke feeling the exhaustion from a long night of tossing and turning.  My sleep was definitely not fulfilling nor has it been quite frankly for some time now.  Perhaps it is hormones, too much stress, too many unfinished tasks, worry over the repercussions of this global crisis or perhaps it is combination of all of these and more.  I must admit the sleep issue has worsened since February.

I had made myself a healthy breakfast, lots of veggies and some eggs felt nourished and sat at my computer thinking I would get started with my day.  I had given myself some tasks and no excuses to finish them.   Well, I accomplished absolutely Nothing!  Nada, Zippity Zip,  Zippo!  I tried several times to sit and focus on my tasks and I just couldn’t make it happen.  My mind was giving me the proverbial middle finger and taken off on its private vacation leaving my heavy body wondering what to do.

I was angry with myself.  I made plans.  Kept questioning Why I keep sabotaging myself.  I spent the rest of the day in a complete and utter self inflicted depressive funk and I don’t mean the James Brown kind of Funk.  I would so much rather be in that James Brown or Stevie Wonder Kind of Funky place.   This reminds me of a great disco tune by Lipps.  Remember that one?  It’s one of my favourite songs to help me snap out of that funky place.  Try it sometime.  It’s really tough to stay funky listening to it.  Yet, the proposition of that hadn’t come to mind and even if it had I would have told that thought to go away.

I had a late night conversation with a friend.  I told them I had so much to do to iron out kinks in my Online Live feeds, in my Music creation etc.  His response  “Be the Kink”  or as my inner child would say “Be ONE with my Kinky self”

So after some thought, here’s what I came up with… on how to Be one with my KINKY self!

  • I need to be gentle with myself
  • Be less Critical, more understanding of me
  • Be less judging of my need for self care
  • I need to be more kind and loving toward myself as I would be to you
  • Not view self care as time wasted
  • Define what it means to care myself
  • I need to take care of my physical being
  • Forgive myself for the harsh things I say and do to myself.
  • I need to ACCEPT that REST is also a task on my list and sometimes to ONLY SOMETHING I need to DO

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