Deidrey Francois

Village of Humber Heights retirement home online concert

Deidrey, I must say, the residents have been loving your virtual performances and they are always looking forward to your next one.

Since we have started the Retirement specific shows, I can see the excitement and surprise in the residents eyes when you call them out by name. It is a truly special experience.

Entertainment Director

Thank you Soooooo much. We were all so HAPPY and my sister was truly overjoyed and surprised (& impressed!)
She was so glad I supported a local female artist of color here in the GTA! Lol and gurl we just LOVED your elephant necklace! We are an elephant fam 🐘😍
Thank you for making the time and putting in the effort with the music. So lovely to see you over Zoom and have you all to ourselves. 🥰😊
A very special and memorable evening. 


Hi Deidrey, Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my birthday, with your beautiful voice! It was a joyful surprise and perfect gift. I really enjoyed it and wanted to express my gratitude to you and your team.

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