Deidrey Francois

SOFA SongFest Live!

Episode - 1

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Hello Darlin’,

This is the first official SOFA SongFest.  Episode 1 Baby!  Your Entertainment Place for Social Solitary confinement!  This is a mash up of genres and requests and of course a few of my original tunes thrown in there.   This time I was not able to get up and dance like the first couple crazy ones.  But I will be back on my feet dancing with you soon my friends.


Thank you for all who shared your time with me and participated and special thanks to those who contributed their funds especially at this time.  To those who helped me in varying ways:  Rick Walrond, Tania Smith, Anne James and all those – far too many to mention –  who continue to promote and support me.  I am grateful.   See you for the Next SOFA SongFest.

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